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At Zip we believe that it is our responsibility to help maintain the planet's resources. By supporting Trees for the Future we are actively reducing our environmental impact . . .
working towards a cleaner, greener world.

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Visit TFTF Projects around the world with Google Maps



2008 was the pilot year for TFTF's gps monitoring work. By mid 2009, they had provided gps units and digital cameras to all of their major country programs and are now collecting data so through Google earth you can see their work all around the world.  


See TFTF projects using Google maps

 There are 2 good ways to view this information (the informatio is the same, but the presentation differs)

1: The best way is to view the information using Google Earth, on your own computer. This offers the best layout and presentation, and will for everyone, even those with slow internet connections. You need to install Google Earth on your computer before you will be able to use this method.

Click here to download Google Earth

To view the TFTF project points, click here to download the file treesftf.kmz, which can be opened by Google Earth

Experienced users can create a "network link" in google earth. This method updates the map automatically as we add new points. Create a link to:

Cliick here to see a short video on how to add a network link. The video can take 30-60 seconds to load.

2: Altenatively click here to view the points on the web using the Google Earth plugin. (only works for Windows, using IE6, IE7, or Firefox). You will be prompted to install the plugin, which only takes about 1 minute.